Found in 1998, Tangshan Xinfeng Screws Co., Ltd. is a joint venture to products of screws system: collated screws, self-drilling screws, drywall screws and others with the capability of more than 3000 tons per year. International standard is the standard of our products-BS, JIS, DIN, ANSI, etc., and the customers requirement is the basis of our work.

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collated screws

    Collated Screws

  • Collated Screws or Plastic Strip Screws fit the following systems: Makita, Senco, Milwaukee, Pam, Grabber Super Drive, Hitachi,Hilti, Ryobi, and Helfer Collated Screws and Collated Screw Driving Systems save time, no screws are wasted, and one man can do lids by himself. We have Collated Screws for Drywall, Decking, Sub Floor, Roofing, and more.

    Collated Drywall Screws, Collated Wood Screws, Collated Chipboard Screws, Collated sub floor screws

self-drilling screws

    Self-drilling Screws

  • 1, Self-drilling screws can save labor. Drilling hole, forming mating thread and clamping home can achieve in an easy operation. It doesn’t require for difficult alignment of two or more elements.

    2, self-drilling screws can save materials. It only needs one tool for application---screw drive. Power drills, drill bits and elaborate and costly press tools and their maintenance are eliminated.

    3, self-drilling screws can improve product quality. It ensures correct hole size every time, resulting in better thread engagement and tighter clamp

    Self drilling screws distributors and manufacturers.Worldwide distributor of...

drywall screws

    Drywall Screws

  • According to the difference of the thread, drywall screws are be divided to drywall screws fine thread and drywall screws coarse thread. Fine thread screws are mainly used for drywall and general interior applications. Coarse thread screws are for general purpose interior wood applications. Another similar screw is drywall screws self-drilling point. They are used to attach drywall to heavy gauge metal 20-14 gauge.

    In many cases, drywall screws provide the kind of torque that will make certain kinds of clamping operations unnecessary. In addition to eliminating some clamping, the creative use of drywall screws can many times eliminate the...

chipboard screws

    Chipboard Screws

  • Chipboard screws are one type of important screws we are manufacturing.

    Among the products we are supplying in stock, Chipboard screws are classified to countersunk head and pan head according to the difference of the head; chipboard screws are divided to pozi drive and torx drive based on the drive type. Countersunk head screws can be divided to countersunk head and double countersunk head.


Tangshan Xinfeng Screws Co.,Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of screws. We mainly manufacture the following products: collated screws, self-drilling screws, dyrwall screws. If you are interested in any of our series, please feel to contact us for details. We are looking forward to establishing cooperative reationships with you in the nearfuture.