Self-tapping Screws

Self-tapping screws provide an economical means of assembling components. Self-tapping screws offer a particular advantage where occasional disassembly may be necessary for maintenance or repair.

Our range of small sel- tapping screws are intended for small fixing applications into hard woods, soft woods, plywood, composite boards, soft plastics and so on.

A self-tapping screw fastener includes a shank having first and second ends and a head disposed at the second end of the shank. The shank of the self-tapping has a tapered portion of a predetermined axial length adjacent the first end, and the tapered portion terminates at the first end in a substantially circular end surface having a first diameter.

The shank also has a substantially cylindrical portion having a second diameter extending from the second end to the tapered portion. A thread extends helically along a circumferential outer surface of the shank from a location near the head substantially to the first end such that the thread at least partially covers the cylindrical and tapered portions of the shank. The ratio of the axial length of the tapered portion to the diameter of the end surface exceeds substantially 1.5, and the diameter of the end surface is less than but substantially equal to the diameter of the cylindrical portion of the shank.


Self-tapping thread mushroom head
Self-tapping Screws DIN7981
Self-tapping Screws DIN7982
Hexagonal Head Self-tapping screws

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